Equestria Daily SNUBBED! Is this the beginning of the end?

A popular alt-fashion blog 33 Avenue Miquelon was recently featured across the ponysphere after their Tabitha St. Germain interview, in which Rarity’s voice actress ‘tells it all’ (psyche, not really!). As is customary in the blogger trade, 33 Ave’s author linked some pony blogs back, to ‘leverage interconnectivity’.

But wait, what is this? Why is manestream juggernaut Equestria Daily linked AFTER relatively unknown The Round Stable? Could it be a giant ‘EFF U’ to the corrupt #EqD machine?

The Round Stable seems to be positioning itself as the ‘professional’ alternative to Equestria Daily. Just like PONY RUNOFF, they carefully research their stories, in order to expose the #truth. It seems to me that future will favor honest blogs like PONY RUNOFF and The Round Stable over corrupt cesspools of sin like #EqD.

Is it time for ponies to be taken seriously?

Will the #truth prevail?

Is this the beginning of the end for #EqD?

Rarity: great pony or the greatest pony?